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Manufacturer, Supplier & Trader. HVLS fans is very useful in Places of Worship, Dairy Farming, Factory, Warehouse, Commercial, Public Places

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    If you are looking for heavy industrial HVLS fans, that are both reliable and affordable, you’re at right place!

    We strive to provide you with the best industrial heavy volume low speed fans to facilitate the airflow for your industry, warehouse, etc.

    We are here to help you find out the best Large industrial HVLS fans in India.

    HVLS Fans helps to improve the airflow in your site.

    Industrial Areas

    Commercial Public Spaces

    Agriculture & Livestock

    Our HVLS fans will help you with


    Most efficient air movement

    This is the prime function of an HVLS form and our fans are designed to provide you the most efficient air movement in your industry, work place or warehouse.


    Energy efficient HLVS fans

    Our fans are designed to be energy efficient to save electricity. Heavy industrial fans consume more electricity. But HVLS fans gives the best result, at the lowest cost. 


    Save your products from Humidity

    HVLS fans helps manage the air humidity. So if your products are the effected by humid environment, the low speed warehouse fans, will help you control it. 


    Smooth running

    Most of the industrial cooling supplies are noisy and require frequent maintenance. High volume low speed fans are smooth and less noisy. Therefore, maintaining the peace of the work house and reducing the stress caused by noicy cooling equipment. 


    HVLS for ventilation

    HVLS play an important role in managing the ventilation of your warehouse or workhouse. The fans help you maintain moderate temperature, and help circulating the fresh air. The HVLS fan will mix the fresh air with the stale air and gradually ventilate your warehouse.


    Control the temperature

    Our HVLS fans are designed to control the temperature and manage the heat of the area. They will move slowly to ensure that the air movement is swift and the heat built up is controlled. They are proven to lower the temperature up to 2-3 degree Celsius.

    AC + HVLS

    When you have larger areas to cool, you can use HVLS along with Air conditioners. These fans will manage the movement of conditioned air in your room. It make environment pleasant for you and your employees, Hence improve the efficiency of workers.

    How we work with best industries in the world.


    Our Work Process flow from selecting the fans to installation at your site. 


    Request engineers opinion

    Our skilled engineers can provide you the opinion as per your site to evaluate the requirements



    The engineers can then recommend the best cooling facility for your site, As per the requirements.


    Explaination & Installation

    The engineers will also explain what & how you need, etc and then Let our technicians install the fans for you.

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      HVLS Fans helps to improve the airflow in your industry and provide the ventilation that is the provision of fresh air to your site.

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